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  2. PUBG Application: GonzoPoet

    Username GonzoPoet Age 31 Favorite Games & Why Currently: R6S, Fallout 4, The Witcher 3 and Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer Experience Ran with BP a couple of years ago. DayZ, Arma 3 mostly. Have done paint ball irl too. I am good at anticipating the moves of other players, also good at listening and taking orders. Goals for PUBG To win and help BP win. Goals for BP To help bring BP back to glory. Reference Beck let me know the site was back up.
  3. Beck's Privateers Constitution

    Aye Aye
  4. Username Matt Age 33 Favorite Games & Why Experience Dayz, Arma3, PUBG Goals for PUBG Goals for BP Reference Pager,Chow,Hade
  5. Sirs (and Ma'am's), I am Fried Maters, reporting for duty. I sailed with Beck's Privateers back in the day when a medic was needed and I was that medic. DayZ was my passion at the time and Beck's was the first and only crew I have ever applied to. RL got R and I was unable to play for yrs and I served the US Postal service for years recently as a rural carrier. As some of you may know, postal carriers have no life to say the least and I was unable to enjoy the leisure time I once knew. I have since realized that some things are not worth money and quality of life is one of them. Since then, I built a new computer for the purpose of playing games to balance that quality of life. I have been playing a lot of League of Legends recently, but also Grand Theft Auto v and some others. Looking forward to maybe getting back into DayZ or H1Z1 or whatever Beck's Privateers is into these days on my off nights. I would also like to shout out to Admiral Beck for tracking me down on Steam and peeking my interest back in joining such an overwhelmingly awesome community. What up Admiral Beck! Good to be back. Thank you, Sir! I'll see you all on discord shortly. FriedMaters
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  7. Beck's Privateers Constitution

    Aye Aye
  8. [Accepted] PUBG Application: lukeman10

    Accepted. Welcome back!
  9. Username lukeman10 Age 18 Favorite Games & Why BF3, Arma. the nostalgia/intensity Experience fps games.. Goals for PUBG chicken dinner baby! Goals for BP be an active member Reference the man, the myth, the legend himself, Beck
  10. [Accepted] PUBG Application: machete

    Accepted. Welcome back!
  11. Username machete Age cant count higher than my fingers and toes sorry Favorite Games & Why smite pubg and countless others Experience being friends with players for years and teamwork Goals for PUBG to get that dam chicken dinner to feed our village Goals for BP to rejoin the ranks and help the privateers grow Reference our savior beck
  12. [Accepted] PUBG Application: FriedMaters

    Accepted. Welcome back!
  13. Username FriedMaters Age 37 Favorite Games & Why PVP anything Experience Lot of League of Legends, used to DayZ, but its been a while Goals for PUBG Hangout with a chill community Goals for BP make Beck smile Reference confirmation email did come through, just took about 5 min. Referred by Beck
  14. [Accepted] PUBG Application: Frandaero

    Accepted! Welcome back Fran.
  15. Username Fran Age 22 Favorite Games & Why GTA Vice City/San Andreas and World of Warcraft. Awesome single and multiplayer experiences. Experience 600 hours of DayZ. Reached #100 on South America PUBG Solo ladder, I know how to stay alive. Goals for PUBG Just fun to be honest. Goals for BP Stay in touch with people. Reference Beck
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  17. [Accepted] PUBG Application: WTFFSwan

    Accepted. Welcome back!
  18. Username WTFFSwan Age 29 Favorite Games & Why Arma 3 (Because its fucking epic) PUBG (Because it also epic) Space engineers (Because I like space and shit) Experience IRL: 8 years in The Marines as infantry, 2 combat deployments. In Game: Shit idk, I've done a bunch of stuff. Goals for PUBG I plan to not die like a punk. Goals for BP To help grow BP, and spread out influence. Reference I'm a legend in these parts. No reference needed. Nah... for real though, I was with BP about 6-7 Years ago (you can say I've been around the block)
  19. Reserved for when I'm bored.
  20. [Accepted] PUBG Application: Necrolight132

    Accepted! Welcome back @Necrolight132
  21. Username Necrolight132 Age 21 Favorite Games & Why PUBG, Vermintide, other strategy and fps games to numerous to count. Experience 146 hr EXP, A good understanding of the map, guns and gear. Goals for PUBG To either win, or slaughter those who slaughter my teammates in the name of pure vengeance. Goals for BP To have fun in various games. Reference Beck
  22. [Accepted] PUBG Application: Saint

    Accepted. Good to have you back Saint!
  23. Name: Saint Age: 28 Favorite Games & Why: Several, mostly belonging to the FPS/TPS genre. Experience: 120 hours on DayZ (All w/ BP) and 370 hours on Arma 3 (About half of that w/ BP) It's good to be back! (Edit: Forget using the provided application. Bahaha XD)
  24. [Accepted] PUBG Application: Zhere

    Approved! Welcome back.
  25. Name Zhere Age 22 Favorite Games & Why Fallout Series-Lore and Story. The Witcher- Lore and story. Experience 435 hours in Dayz At least 200 belong to BP Reference Hi Beck its me Zday. Glad to be back
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