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  1. [Accepted] PUBG Application: lukeman10

    Accepted. Welcome back!
  2. [Accepted] PUBG Application: machete

    Accepted. Welcome back!
  3. [Accepted] PUBG Application: FriedMaters

    Accepted. Welcome back!
  4. [Accepted] PUBG Application: Frandaero

    Accepted! Welcome back Fran.
  5. Join us on Discord!

  6. [Accepted] PUBG Application: WTFFSwan

    Accepted. Welcome back!
  7. Reserved for when I'm bored.
  8. [Accepted] PUBG Application: Necrolight132

    Accepted! Welcome back @Necrolight132
  9. [Accepted] PUBG Application: Saint

    Accepted. Good to have you back Saint!
  10. [Accepted] PUBG Application: Zhere

    Approved! Welcome back.
  11. [Accepted] PUBG Application : Ragontor

    Accepted as Press Ganged. You can now begin your two week trial period. Here are they key points to focus on to become a full member: Respect: Be respectful to all members of The Privateers, and of the PUBG community. Self Improvement: Learn from your mistakes, improve your tactics and decision making with practice. Forget About Winning: Prioritize learning how you fit into a team, and focus on how to build on that to perform your best. You will lose games, but you will get better and so will the team.
  12. Hiiiiiiii, i'm Urban!

    Cheers to the OG Privateers
  13. [Accepted] PUBG Application : Urban300

    Approved, I guess.