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[Accepted] PUBG Application: WTFFSwan

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WTFFSwan    0
  • Username
  • Age
  • Favorite Games & Why
    Arma 3 (Because its fucking epic) PUBG (Because it also epic) Space engineers (Because I like space and shit)
  • Experience
    IRL: 8 years in The Marines as infantry, 2 combat deployments. In Game: Shit idk, I've done a bunch of stuff.
  • Goals for PUBG
    I plan to not die like a punk.
  • Goals for BP
    To help grow BP, and spread out influence.
  • Reference
    I'm a legend in these parts. No reference needed. Nah... for real though, I was with BP about 6-7 Years ago (you can say I've been around the block)

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