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Beck's Privateers Constitution

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The BP Constitution


1. Basic Rules and Regulations: 

1.1 Glitching

 Glitching and bug use are strictly forbidden. In no circumstance should anyone be caught using or endorsing any glitches/bugs.

1.2 Respect

Respecting each other and the chain of command should be of the utmost importance

If you do not agree with or take issue with these, privately take this to a superior and move it up the chain. If you cannot morally agree with these basic rules, perhaps this Clan isn't for you.2. Rules of Engagement


2. Forum Rules and Regulations

2.1 No Flaming

This means no Racism, Sexism, or any ism for that matter. There will no tolerance for harassment, or abuse upon any member in this forum. Beck's Privateers consists of people of different ages, genders, sexual orientations and ethnicities which whom all should be respected. Any user who fails to comply with this rule WILL BE BANNED!


2.2 Off-Topic Posting

Any posting that does not contribute to the discussion or has nothing to do with the topic will result in a warning point added to your profile. This includes trolling.


2.3 Offensive Content

Offensive content is not tolerated on the forums. Anything that is deemed obscene, racist, or overly discriminatory will lead to a straight ban. No exceptions. 


2.4 Spamming

Spamming is unacceptable. If you are caught spamming (which you will) you will receive warning points. If you fail to stop, you will be banned.


2.5 Likes and posts

a. Do not post multiple times and create threads in order to boost your post count. Post thoughtful information (can be cross reference with rules 2 & 4)

b. This rule ties with point a. Everyone loves likes. It shows that people agree with what you said and approve. Don't go seeking for likes i.e. requesting people to like your posts. Users found doing this will receive warning points.


2.6 Discussion and arguments

Forums are a place of discussion but once in a while somebody may disagree with you. Do not be inconsiderate or rude. Keep the argument short. If you feel that there needs to be more to talk about, use Teamspeak. Exceptions are major conflicts that need to be archived for future reference.This rule is to keep peace and lower the intensity of certain situations. Warning points or a ban will be given upon analysis of situation if this rule has been broken.


2.7 Back Seat Moderating

There will be no back seat moderating in this forum. Essentially this rule means that if members note an issue which does not cohere to a rule on this forum, they will not take it into their own hands. If you notice a rule being broken, report it to a forum moderator or a commanding officer for the situation to be resolved. If you are playing back seat, you will be given a warning point.


2.8 Personal attacks

-This rule can be cross-referenced with rule number 6. Essentially this rule states that no personal attacks should be made against other members. Keep discussion polite and friendly. We are a 18+ group and should act like one.


2.9 General posting

This is heavily quoted on forums. LOOK BEFORE YOU POST! Always read before you post about a question or anything for that matter. 1st offense will be deemed as accidental but repeated failure to comply with this rule, will result in warning points.


3. Chain of Command


Leader of the clan, his word is final.

Duties include: Running the Clan. 



One per ship, they are the higher command staff under the Admiral. Should be treated as in command by the crewmen and enforce the rules.

Duties include:Operation Leaders, Command Staff Discussions, Battle Planning, Recruitment, Forum moderation, TS moderation



Charged with leading their own Crews. Taking orders from their Captain and relaying them to the crews.

Duties include: Crew leadership, Executing battle plans, Distributing orders. Combat Leaders



Right hand man of a Bos'n. Carries out orders in absence of both the Captain and Bos'n

Duties include: Training, Enforcing Rules,Crew leadership 



Respected member who has put time and effort into the clan.

Duties include: fulfilling their specialization roll in all BP operations.



The core members of the clan.

Duties Include: Being the grunt of the clan.


Press Ganged(s)

Your first few weeks in BP. The expendables, the newbies. this is our trial rank proficient recruits will be promoted into the full rank of Swabbie. Press Ganged members are not full members and are considered as recruits. As such, you are to wear the [BP-R] on steam.

Duties include: Listening.Executing Orders. Knowing the Rules and Regulations.


4. Disputes

If you notice anything clan related you deem unfair, unconstitutional or harmful to the clan, you should speak up to whoever it is who's actions lead to this situation. If there is still a conflict, try and work it out one on one. (When you're in this situation, perhaps this topic might be helpful for you.) If that doesn't help, the issue should immediately be brought to the attention of the Command Staff. Do so directly on Team Speak or through a PM. Do NOT post a giant thread on the forums, this will not help your cause. We ask that you let us know how you feel about the subjects that have your concern, and we'll try to help fix them. The Command Staff will discuss the issue, and take action where we think action needs to be taken. This is the way we feel best serves the clan, and best prevents dissension in the ranks.


5. Clan Purchasing/Donation

We have had a few incidents in the past that were (thankfully) peacefully resolved in terms of clan servers etc. At this current time we are not looking to setup or fund any clan servers. Although you are free to purchase them on your own we ask that you do not advertise, collect, or 'recruit' for these servers.

We currently have a donation system set to Beck's personal paypal, which is currently used for funding our Website fee's. If you would like to donate feel free, but it will not buy you ranks or progress you any through the clan, it is merely a simple gesture that we appreciate.


6. Undermining the Clan

Like most clans we have had our run ins with players purposefully undermining authority to incite dissension amongst the ranks. Although we value everyone's opinion and we do take suggestions into consideration, people causing a ruckus or purposely instigating fights and topics will no longer be tolerated. You can express your opinion as much as you'd like but once you cross the line of fighting and not accepting the rules there will be consequences. At the end of the day the command staff is trying to make this the best community possible with the best reputation, we can't cater to 300 members and each of their own personal beliefs for what is best, but we  will try to keep the majority and their opinion at the forefront. The best example of this would be Amendment 1, declaring glitching and bug usage banned from our clan. we had a 77% to 23% final vote. This topic from this point on should be dropped and if you don't agree fine, but if you don't agree and continue to push the envelope with it, there will be consequences. The majority seems to agree that they want a stable and in writing document that states the rules, so here it is.


 All those who have read our constitution please respond with "Aye Aye".

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